Discussions around the breakfast table

IMG_20170409_091440 (1)

It was that time again when we gather around the table for Sunday breakfast. Willy brought up the  topic of the Confessional. I wonder if it was purely academic or if he wanted to get something off his chest? Later we talked about Sharon and I told them, that I replied to one of her emails, asking if she would like to hear the story of “The Little Engine That Could”.  I think that the general consensus of the family is that she will never speak to me again. What can I say, I thought it was funny and I love Major Payne’s version of the story.

The breakfast was enjoyed by all but I believe no one enjoyed it as much as Peppy. Everyone gave the little dog a portion of their breakfast and he , of course, got his own bowl. He is currently sleeping off the breakfast binge a couple of feet away from me.

My Kindle has been goofing up. It doesn’t recharge very quickly and it’s unusually hot. It doesn’t show up when I plug it into my computer and I’m afraid that it may be dying. Oh well, there is always paper books.

Another Sunday… have a great day everyone.

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Robert Frost


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