Review: Hygge

51mut-4jzyl-_sy346_Hygge: 25 Secrets From The Danish Art of Happiness, Getting Cozy And Living Well
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Publication Date: February 25, 2017

Product description:

Denmark consistently ranks as the happiest country on the planet. Reason? One word (many emotions) – hygge.

Hygge is the fine art of creating comfort, intimacy and coziness to warm your soul. It is seeking pleasure from things that soothe the spirit.

Hygge is more a feeling than anything else. It is tucking into pots of delicious warm food with friends or cuddling up on a cushy sofa with a loved one. How about sitting by the fireplace with hot cup of cocoa and enjoying crisp mornings with your favorite book in hand? In its truest sense, hygge is comfort of the soul.

How does one feel and create hygge?
Hygge: 25 Secrets From The Danish Art of Happiness, Getting Cozy And Living Well tells you everything you need to create the perfect hygge. From little known native traditions to actionable expert tips to creative twists to existing ideas, the book is packed with everything warm and hygge.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can look forward to:

  • What is hygge and how the Danes use it to stay happy all the time?
  • 8 Amazing tips for creating the perfect hygge home
  • Be the ultimate hygge host with our social hygge tips
  • 10 winter hygge tips that will help you enjoy uncomfortable winters like a boss
  • Plus bonus tip and lots of interesting and cozy hyyge ideas to stay happy, get cozy and live well – The Danish way

My thoughts:

I knew that the word existed and vaguely what it meant but I had no idea that it was a “thing” until I found this and other books on the subject.  I liked the introduction connecting the word hygge to the English word “hug”. I think that really sums up the hygge concept.

All to often, the word “warm” was used and it would remind me that the Danish lifestyle does not translate to my coastal Floridian lifestyle without some effort on my part. For example, setting up a warm beverage station might be better changed into a “cold” beverage station.

All in all, I enjoyed the ebook and I give it 4 1/2 stars out of 5.


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