The best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep

the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep
Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

Strange are the thoughts that roll through my mind while looking at flowers. The Camellias are in bloom in my front yard and I’ve spotted everything from fallen blooms to new buds but, all I can think about is mortality. I can put such strange and depressing filters over my reality. Still the Camellias are doing their thing, and I imagine that the Azaleas wont be far behind, because the weather has been so warm.


The warm weather has not just brought flowers but, to Peppy’s grief, it has also brought fleas. I’ve given him his first flea-bath of the year and he looks at me as though I somehow betrayed him.   I imagine that he will get over it pretty soon.

I have a huge Pecan limb to drag out to the road for trash pick-up and an assortment of clippings from Azaleas to Wisteria. It looks more like Spring cleaning than Winter. My trash-man is going to hate me.

Tonight I will sip Earl Grey tea and read Anne Christie’s “Numerology: Plain and Simple” because I am a plain and simple person.