The snakes in Maine stay mainly in the …

This one is for my blog-buddy Debby who lives in the state of Maine. Like my home-state of Florida, Maine has a large “something” slithering around. In my case, most of the slithering things are politicians but we do have an equally large assortment of reptiles. The locals of Maine have managed to find a large snake skin along the Presumpscot River.

My guess is that it is an escaped exotic pet that sadly will not survive the Maine winter. Of course, it may be Maine’s sea serpent Cassie?  All I can say is thank gawd it wasn’t one of those damn Pokemon.




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  1. Yes….was found near Riverbank Park in Westbrook…only about 50 miles away from me! Now, I live in southern Maine, and last year we had a very mild winter compared to our usual weather. If this continues this year, there’s a good possibility that this huge snake could learn to climatize to the colder temps. But, if we go back to winters of old times, he’ll be toast! Here’s hoping for a VERY harsh winter this year indeed!!!!

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