Preparing for the Mystery of Ritual

Some of the most important turning points in my life have occurred in rituals. I have also been at many rituals where I merely attended, present in body but not much more. Certainly there were times when I could fault the design of the ritual or its enactment for a lack of impact, but just as often I was unprepared to step into the mystery. Over the years, I have developed ways of increasing my openness and appreciation of group and solo rituals. Here is a short list of actions and perspectives that reliably open the way to getting the most out of rituals.

Preparing for the Mystery of Ritual

The work begins long before the rituals.

The regular practice of meditation, contemplation, devotional acts, chakra work, and similar activities clarify and strengthen your psyche and your psychism. Developing your capacity to perceive and experience rituals more fully is the most important step.

In many systems there is some form of purification…

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