Libertarianism For Beginners

A timely addition to the Red Wheel. Weiser, Conari titles.

by James Canfield, For Beginners

Seavey provides a thorough and easy to read explanation of libertarianism and its history. Full of examples and nuance, the book offers a balanced context for understanding this philosophy.

Ann Lee, NYU Stern School of Business professor

9781939994660Chapter one of Libertarianism For Beginners opens up by defining a Libertarian as being both socially liberal, “not wanting the government to interfere in their personal behavior,” and fiscally conservative, wanting low taxes, low government spending, and few regulations.” It’s hard to imagine why anyone would believe in anything other than Libertarianism, right? If you agree, the first page of this book is bound to surprise you. According to the Libertarian Cato Institute, approximately 5% or less of the population actually consider themselves to be Libertarians.

It is a common misbelief that our government, the one we entrust virtually everything to, is in fact operating with the citizens’…

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