Jungle Book film racism warning

Here is one of the reasons why Hollywood is cranking out so much crap lately. A simple story like Kipling’s The Jungle Book (link), when spun to the silliest angle, is considered racist.

source: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/apr/03/jungle-book-disney-remake-racism-worries

Disney’s new live-action version of the 1967 film will have to take great care not to cause offence, critics say […] Disney’s animated adaptation have long been criticised for their racist overtones, and critics warn that it will take more than talking animals and other visual effects to avoid offence.

For god’s sake, let’s not offend anyone. You better be careful how you approach classic stories for fear that some pinhead might be offended. Having said that, it would seem that some of the “offended” make careers of being — offended.

My suggestion, screw Hollywood and those who feel the need to cry racism at the drop of a hat, just read the book. How’s that for bare necessities???


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