April Fools Day or is it?

Well it is April Fools Day or so they tell me … but is April Fools Day a trick? Maybe April Fools Day has been a gigantic prank. I must say that I get a good laugh out of the annual  April Fools story  cranked out by the media. Of course, a false story on April Fools Day loses it impact when the media gives us false/spun stories everyday.

Gaming … or as I like to call it my profanity time.

I am currently playing “War Thunder”, “World of Warplanes”, and the enhanced Steam version of “The Witcher”. While I enjoy War Thunder and World of Warplanes, I may not stay with them for very long. I really don’t care for the PVP heavy games. There are just to many Buzzards looking to knock off a noob. I’ve enjoyed The Witcher and I can see why the franchise has been so popular. I’ve played through the introduction and I am now in Chapter one … let’s see how this plays out.

Linux … yes, I am still using Linux.

I’m using Manjaro Linux and Peppermint. I believe that I will move the Linux posts back to this blog. That is not to say that I only use Linux. I also game with Windows 10 and I expect that I will edit my videos with Windows. Here is a look at my Manjaro desktop. Pretty ain’t he?


Yes, I love those classic monsters. My Peppermint OS features Frankenstein.


my_photo-1-4I plan to read  “Missing Connections: Challenging the Consensus” and “The Children Of Roswell”.In addition to those, I want to do a little Fiction with “Black City Saint”.

Before I go

I wanted to share this intro that I plan to use on my review videos. (link)

Signing off for the day ….

Have a safe weekend everyone, I have to collect Peppy before the neighbors get upset. He is barking at a plastic bag blowing around in the neighbor’s yard. To be fair, it is a creepy-looking bag …lol.



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