Future plans for this blog

Gnostalgia has been running for quite some time (2007) and I expect to keep it going for some time to come. It first started as a replacement for Blogspot after an issue with my blog ( an issue that remains uncorrected ). As the years rolled by Gnostalgia has gone through a great many changes.

barry-reads-sleepsRecently, I have decided to only accept books or products with the clear understanding that I may not do a review of that book or product. I’ve decided to keep my reviews positive and I simply can’t do that with every review.

What I will do is share with everyone what you have sent me as part of my “In my mailbox” posts. If the book or product is something that I feel that I should share, expect to see me promote the hell out of it.

In addition to that change, my linuxgeekery and steamgeekery will migrate to my Attention Earthlings” blog (link). I want Gnostalgia to better reflect spirituality, healthy lifestyle (Debby’s Wisdom, etc), paranormal, and book/product reviews. I have a link set up to Attention Earthlings on the sidebar with the most recent Attention Earthlings posts for those of you who are curious abut Attention Earthlings.

I’ve also decided to bring the  CROW awards to an end. I really wanted to get a sponsor and offer prizes to the winners but that doesn’t look like it will happen. Such is life. The 2016 Gnostalgia will be leaner and “not-so” meaner.

I have one more book review and then I plan a Sabbatical. Please have a safe and happy Christmas.Thank you for reading Gnostalgia.


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