The season, month, year of Christmas

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. Perhaps, I should say that I love the ideal of Christmas. I can’t say that I am in love with the commercialized Xmas that we have been so lemming-like taught to embrace. The concept that more “stuff” will make us happy or more “stuff” will earn us a victory in the cosmic scheme of things. Trust me when I tell you that the Cosmos doesn’t give a shit about the stuff you’ve accumulated.

“A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.” — George Carlin

That being said I will, at some point this week, climb my happy ass up into the attic and retrieve the Christmas decorations, my shinny stuff,  and make merry as my culture (or the powers that be) demands.  Hopefully, I will not fall out of the attic.

This week I will put together my CROW awards. These are books that I feel are worth reading and giving to friends/relatives/strangers/etc. In addition to that, I have three more books that I will review this year —all fiction.

Next year will see a change to Gnostalgia. I have decided not to do negative reviews and I will no longer accept books with the promise to review. You may send me a book, product, or a redhead but I will not commit to reviewing said book or product. Having said that, I may be open to reviewing the redhead. Simply put if your book is a pile of shit I don’t want to talk about it. I want to stay positive in 2016.

That’s all for this Monday… leave a comment, thumbs up/down . Let me know that I am not alone.

This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.”
~ Taylor Caldwell


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