Wrap-up of the week 11/22

Yet another week has burned away and time seems to speed by ever faster. I have received a pair of books in the mail courtesy of the good folks at Pyr. I want to thank Pyr for the copies of “The Fortress in Orion” and “The Prison in Antares”. The books are written by Mike Resnick and I’ve enjoy most of his work.

I am in the process of cleaning the Florida-room, to the tune of Kylie Minogue’s Christmas record, and I hope to have it in shape to set Christmas decorations. I’ve also moved the Manjaro computer to the Florida-room so I find myself taking longer breaks than usual — *grin*. Having said that, I have decorated my Manjaro computer for Christmas.


Next week should be a very busy week for me. I am taking Mom to the hospital for a breast biopsy on Monday. Wednesday, I will be taking my Sister to her throat biopsy. Let’s just say that the books from Pyr will come in handy while sitting in the hospital waiting-rooms.

I thought that we were going to have Thanksgiving early (today) but it was just the usual family gathering for Sunday breakfast. Well, I can’t say that it was “usual”. We had a phone call in the middle of it and it concluded with a trip to Darlene’s house to work on Willy’s computer.

Willy had a strange problem where the Windows Repair was in an odd loop. None of Windows repair tips would work and we had to do a clean re-install. Willy so distrusted Windows 10 that he wanted to re-install Windows 7. To be honest, I don’t blame him. At this point, I can no longer recommend Windows 10.

I can recommend Attention Earthlings and I have added a link on the top right sidebar for recent posts. I guess that’s enough for this week.  Take care everyone.


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