Wrap up of the week November 8th

It is a very wet and rainy day in the Redneck Riviera. The family has gathered for Sunday breakfast as usual. The remains of Sunday’s newspaper are on the floor, much to Peppy’s delight. Darlene brought a tray of baklava. It was okay but, I am not a fan of baklava, I was happy that she took it back home.

tux2520linux2520distros_thumb[2]This week I am trying out another Linux OS,  no I haven’t replaced my peppermint it’s on another computer, this new system is Manjaro. I have to admit that I really like it. I have moved the Manjaro computer to the Florida room ( or as my buddy Debby calls it — the Debby room ) and Willy and I spent much of the morning huddled around it. This OS may give Peppermint a run for it’s money.

On a personal note, my Mom has received some bad news from her Doctor. He wants a biopsy taken of her breast. We had felt that the hospital trips were over for the year but it looks like we are not quite done with Doctors and hospitals.

Blog related — Nothing in the mailbox ( I bet my mailman was happy about that ) and I have yet to finish reading “Storm and Steel”. I’ve tried I just can’t seem to push through this book. Maybe today?

I have changed the Facebook fan page cover for Gnostalgia  (https://www.facebook.com/gnostalgia/) to better reflect the geeky nature of the blog. What can I say? I love those little Tux guys. BTW the folks from Peppermint OS left a comment on one of the posts. How cool is that?

Future changes? I think I see what I can do to develop a banner for Gnostalgia that is bookish, esoteric, and Linux geeky — that should be a challenge. Have a great week everyone!


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