Living with Linux: 2 months on Peppermint OS

All in all, I am enjoying my time with Linux and more specifically Peppermint OS. I have even put Peppermint on my bigger computer in place of Linux Mint.  Having said that, I may try another OS on the bigger rig that I call Frankenstein.

Everything has not been peaches and light, I have experienced a few problems. On my small system my webcam software, Camorama, stopped working. I tried Guvcview but got a black screen (the reason I went to Camorama in the first place), but there is a simple fix.  By using a different repository, you can download an updated version that fixes the black screen bug. I shot a brief video about the fix and you can copy and paste the fix.

I am happier with the Guvcview program and thought that my software issues were a thing of the past until Simple Screen Recorder screwed up on my Frankenstein system. I’ve uninstall it and replaced it with Kazam. That’s one of the beauties of Linux, if one software doesn’t work — try another. I am uploading my Kazam video to Facebook as a test.  Check out or here (link) if you’d like to see me whine about Halloween.


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