The Holidays or Holidaze

meditating_robotNo matter how much I try to get into the Holidays, they always seem to speed by in a disappointing blur. I try to slow down and be contemplative. I reflex on the meaning of the Holiday while enjoying the secular jocularity but it seems to be little more than an odd kabuki dance played at warp speed.

Maybe it is because I am painfully aware of the passing of time and I want something special in each grain of sand that slips through the hour glass. In just a flew days Halloween will be over and I will begin the process of putting away the decorations.  I wonder why I even bother. What does one less wolf-man decoration mean in the greater cosmic scheme of things. I guess what bothers me the most is the lack of Holy in the Holiday. I feel like something magical is missing.

Maybe I should have a few more pieces of Halloween candy, it might make me feel better.


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