Living with Linux: Linux Mint

I call this computer Frankenstein, because it had been cobbled together from parts from other computers. I’ve decided to ditch the Windows OS and install Linux Mint ( I plan to try this system out for a while and I may use this OS long term.

frankenstein-iconI had a little hiccup just as the install was finishing.  It crashed. However, everything seems to be fine and I’ve only had a few minor issues; lag a couple of times, update failures a couple of times, and I had a window stick. Having said that, the problem may be my internet connection rather than a Mint problem. Basically everything is doing as expected.

I had a lot of updates, and I made sure that I got them installed, followed by a reboot.  I’m adding some software so Frankenstein will be tested — lmao. My test video worked and I was both pleased and relieved.

Day one has been a success — let’s see how Mint holds up.


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