Tuesday’s child is …

It’s a rainy gloomy Tuesday, although the weather man predicts that the skies will clear. I am tinkering around with my Peppermint 6 Linux system and I have to say that I am enjoying the experience. That isn’t to say that everything has been perfect, but I am well pleased with this OS.

linux_circuit_board_penguin_avatar_by_duradcell-d6gzwwuI have been using Peppermint for almost a month at this point. Recently, I have experienced some crashes (about the time of the Peppermint respin) and I was afraid that Peppermint was going to let me down. I decided to “bite the bullet” and install the Nvidia drivers.  Now, my Linux box is working perfectly.

This is my Peppermint Linux desktop …


Does that mean that I have abandoned my beautiful Elvira — Mistress of the Dark? Oh No! I just couldn’t use her as my wallpaper while shooting my booktubes. Yes, it only takes a couple of clicks to change everything back to “Peppermix dark” and reset the wallpaper. How cool is that?

Changes I made …

Aside of a few cosmetic changes made for my book review videos and the Nvidia drivers, I’ve added Steam for a little gaming. That being said, I wont really game on this old computer. I plan to use it to surf, read ebooks, make videos, edit graphics, in short — everything other than gaming.

My Peppermint 6 Linux tip for the week … changing your digital clock. Peppermint 6, like many Linux distributions, has a clock set in a 24 hour mode. As an Air Force brat, I called it military time. I wanted my clock set in a 12 hour mode as you can see in the right corner of my wallpaper pic (above). Simply right click the clock and change the settings.

Here is a cool web page to help you build your own digital clock settings http://www.foragoodstrftime.com/. Copy, paste, and BAM, you are done! It is just that simple. Okay, that’s enough for today. Please check out my videos on Youtube (link) and see what I am doing with an old computer and Peppermint 6.


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