Living with Linux: 1 week with Peppermint 6

It’s hard to believe that a week has gone by. Time seems to be faster now that I have some gray hair. I’ve noticed the leaves falling from the wisteria and there was a hint of Fall in the air this morning. I can’t wait for Fall but at the same I am keenly aware of how precious each day is. Speaking of precious, I am still loving my Linux Peppermint 6 (

I have made several changes over the week in order to customize this “old” computer into something that I will use everyday. I have moved the navigation task bar to the top. To do that, you need to right click the task bar and go to panel settings. I’ve also changed the wallpaper to Elvira. I Googled Elvira and found a wallpaper that would do — downloaded Gimp to tweak the wallpaper a little — and right clicked it to set as wallpaper.


As you can see at the bottom, I have added Cairo dock ( and my next step will be to configure the buttons and icons. I’ve also gone to “preferences” — “customize look and feel” and changed everything to the “peppermix-dark”. There will be some cosmetic changes to the “peppermix-dark” in what is called a re-spin by the developers of Peppermint, but those changes are minor and suit me just fine.

I have also added “simple screen recorder” and it is my hope that I can do some video reviews of books and ebooks. In addition to all of that, I’ve also downloaded my favorite ebook reader “Calibre” (

Webcam090515On the downside, I had problems installing webcam software. “Cheese” would crash my system and “Guvcview” would open but not work. I knew it wasn’t the webcam because I could pull up my webcam on VLC. Eventually, I tried “Camorama” and it worked just fine. I grabbed this pic using camorama for a Facebook and an “In my mailbox” blog post. To be honest, I’m not really happy with Camorama but at least it works.

Check out the latest news about Peppermint’s update or re-spin:

As for my Windows 10 box, I am still tying up my bandwidth downloading Guild Wars 2 and it has been all I could do to download anything for my Linux box. Family has been foremost on my mind. My Sister is still in the Hospital but it looks as though she may not have to have surgery. I hope that she can avoid surgery although surgery had been scheduled at one point. Things seem to be looking up — fingers crossed.


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