Of books, ebooks, and the best of both worlds

I’m getting older. I know that I am getting older, due in large part, because people feel the need to remind me that I am getting older. I’m not sure why they feel the need to share that bit of information with me, but for some reason they do. At any rate, I am a books over ebook man.

It’s not that I dislike ebooks or ebook readers, but I prefer the look and feel of a book — or am I just old? I read ebooks all of the time on my computer so it really isn’t a technology thing. It’s just an old man’s preferance of books over ebooks.

Yes ebooks have their place, my favorite ebook program is Calibre (http://calibre-ebook.com/)  not just because it is free (yes, I am a cheap old man too) but it is an excellent program. In addition to Calibre, I use the Chrome addon to read my Amazon ebooks in the cloud. Having said all of that, I’ve spent enough time in Hospital waiting-rooms recently to see the advantage of an ebook reader.  So maybe this year?

After looking at this ebook cover, maybe carrying an ebook reader around wont be so bad. I really love this Verso Prologue Cover for Kindle. An ebook reader that looks like a book — who knew?


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