Living with Linux

Darth-Vader-PenguinOkay Linux-lovers and those interested in NOT-Windows, let me draw your attention to something that I think needs to be addressed. As some of you may know, Adobe Flash has some serious safety issues and I believe that it is something that needs to be removed from your computer. That being said, I would suggest the same thing to Windows users.

For Lubuntu key in …

Linux Lubuntu: sudo apt-get remove pepperflashplugin-nonfree

In addition to the removal of Flash, I thought that this would be a perfect time to post some of the linux pages that I enjoy. First, a couple of Facebook pages that I find both entertaining and informative:

In addition to these Facebook groups, I enjoy several Youtube pages:

Linux Help Guy:
AJ Reissig:
Matthew Moore:…
Infinite Galactic:…
Charlie Henson:…
Ghost Sixtyseven:…

If you have a few Linux sites that you enjoy, please add them to the comments — I’d enjoy checking them out.


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