Living with Linux, Lubuntu

Okay folks, my life with Linux is still plugging along. In fact, I haven’t turned on my Windows computer in several days. My old mini-tower (HP Pavilion Slimeline s3307) has become my goto computer to such a degree that I have decided to find it a good work spot. I’ve decided to empty several bookshelves by my daybed and situate the computer in a comfortable spot to work with. Since it is a mini-tower it fits in a bookshelf nicely.

Lubuntu is working very well though I had a little hiccup trying to use the Simple Screen Recorder to capture video of a game. The Extreme Tux Racer game ran correctly in this older computer and I couldn’t help but wonder if the odd video capture was due to running both the game and recorder?

Using Linux Lubuntu with "Cheese" with my webcam
Using Linux Lubuntu with “Cheese” with my webcam I know I need a haircut

Tux Racer is a simple game of racing downhill while collecting fish along the way. It’s lots of fun, I recommend the game. In my case, I downloaded the game from the Lubuntu Software Center — of course — free. I think the next game that I will look at will be “Don’t Starve”. I know “Don’t Starve” will run on Linux, but will it run on an old computer?

Another thing that I must work out is my screen recorder. I really thought that I could use the webcam and screen recorder to talk about books, booktube, and my usual inane babble but, if I can’t get this recorder software to do the trick, I may have to look for something else or develop a plan B.

I really want this to be a spot that I can go to to grab a shot of what landed in my mailbox and video my reviews of books ( and whatever). I guess tinkering with the software will let me know if  I can do voice-overs, include websites, software/game reviews, etc..

Well, I’ll let you know how my everyday use of Linux turns out …..


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