Living with Linux, Lubuntu

It’s been over a month since I took an old unused HP mini-tower from the Windows Vista-era and installed Lubuntu Linux. My hope was to add new life to an old computer and to be able to do some basic web surfing. As it turns out, this Lubuntu computer has become my workhorse and my go-to computer of choice.

lenny_appsOver the last couple of weeks, I have installed all of my Linux Steam games and they work, though Mechanic Escape is a little laggy. I’ve also added new software like Cheese for my webcam and Simple Screen Recorder for future videos involving my desktop. The next step will be to find a good video editing software.

I’ve also added a dock program called Cairo Dock. The Dock program reminds me of Rocketdock for Windows. Well that’s just me, I have to have a few toys on my computer and docks are toys and a useful tools.

In short, I’ve played music, played games, surfed the net, blogged, and edited graphics, all of those real-world functions that a person would do with a computer and Lubuntu has worked like a champ.

Software: ( Cairo Dock) (Simple Screen Recorder)

Cheese was downloaded from my Lubuntu Software center.

Games … Steam

Aside from the games, the rest of the software was free and I want to thank the Linux community for such fantastic software. That my friends is living with Linux…


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  1. For almost two years an IT fellow in our community computer/technology club has been touting the virtues of Linux in several of its myriad incarnations. Since he tends to exaggerate somewhat, I hesitated in giving it a try. Now that you have got it up and running, so to speak, my outlook has changed. Also, Steam games look quick appealing, and knowing this OS can handle them is a big plus. Now all I need do is get a new (refurbished probably) PC with more advanced innards than my 6 year old dinosaur. So many upgrades are needed that it would be a money pit to try and kick it up to a higher level.

    1. This computer was from Christmas 2007 and has sat a couple of years unplugged collecting dust. I imagined it as being little more than some spare parts but linux has given this old computer new life. Sadly, there is a limited selection of Steam games that work with linux, though I plan to try a program called Wine which will run some Windows programs. We will see how this OS stands up to “real world” use.

      1. We have a few oldies hanging around that I was looking to get rid of but now you have given me inspiration to haul them out and play around with them. After all, what harm can it do?

        We have decided to devote our next meeting on Thursday to Linux. Our tech guy is going to talk about how he came across it and his experiences with it over quite a long span. Should be interesting.

        Since I do play quite a few varieties of games, your STEAM experiences are of interest to me. My antiquated PC I am typing this one cannot handle half the games that are now coming out on Big Fish. So no use trying any of the STEAM offerings on that ol’ grandma PC of mine.

          1. Go for it! I think the more people read and learn about these alternate OS that have sprung up outside the corporate mindset, the better. Their creators are the nerds (I use the term positively) who are interested in really producing something new, innovative and are not bothered so much by the “bottom line”. Funny, I can still recall seeing a box in Best Buy many years ago for Linux–orange with the cute little penguin. Paid it no mind. Now I wish I had.

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