Barry’s metaphysical rant

Not long ago, I was notified of an upcoming radio ( show with a guest who goes by the name/title/alias Lady Springwolf. I guess the other seasons were taken? At any rate, she identified herself as having a D.D. and a Ph.D . A feat that I had aspired to, in my youth, but lacked the funds and/or the brains to obtain. Be that as it may, I did earn my B.A in History, Religion, and Philosophy from an accredited University ( The University of West Florida).

Wondering where she received her degree, I started digging. She got her degree from a diploma mill ( Does that make her  a bad person or a fraud — no.  She may be brilliant, but I have to wonder about her honesty if she feels the need to use a phoney title/degree.

Sadly, in the metaphysical field, there is too much of this kind of chicanery and it’s going to take people interested in the metaphysical and the paranormal to clean house.

So much for my rant … if you agree/disagree leave a comment. Check out Jim Heater’s interview with Lady  Springphoney on his show Saturday at 5:00pm – 6:00pm June 20th and make up your mind for yourself.


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