Living with Linux, Lubuntu

I guess it’s a good thing that Lubuntu is running well because my Windows system is on the fritz. I decided to upgrade my Windows 10 Evaluation copy to build 10130 — not a good idea. I have since rolled it back to the previous build and I’m fixing everything now.

As for Lubuntu, I have upgraded my nvidia drivers and successfully installed Steam. Only 5 of my games on Steam are linux compatible and the game that I installed is running a bit laggy. That being said, I am on the right track and I’m enjoying the process.

This is my third week with Lubuntu and I guess that it is time to answer the question “could I live with Linux?” — the answer is yes. It has been a little challenging at times, but I like the problem solving that comes with working with linux. The linux community is for the most-part friendly and I’ve received some help from linux users.

Tweaks… this is my new wallpaper…



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