Living with Linux — Lubuntu

Well, it has been a week since I installed Lubuntu Linux ( in an old mini-tower computer. This isn’t my first experience with Linux or Ubuntu. I have been playing around with Ubuntu on various computers since version 8 “Intrepid Ibex”. I’ve also dabble with several other flavors of Linux over the years. If everything goes as planned, I will stick with Lubuntu for a few years and let you know about my little victories and defeats.

The first change that I made after the installation was the wallpaper. Rather than the professional looking Lubuntu wallpaper, I opted for something completely juvenile (childlike?) — a linux penguin with a light-saber. What can I say … I’m a scifi nerd also.

After playing around with some of the settings, I was brave enough to add some software. My first software choice was Calibre ( While Lubuntu came with an ebook reader, I wanted a program that I had used before. I have Calibre installed on my windows system as my go-to ebook reader. Just to check it out (and because I’m a nerd) I downloaded a comic book “Lady Mechanika: Tablet of Destinies #2″. The software worked well and I enjoyed the comic book. Not everything with Linux was peaches and light. I decided to install “steam” but my computer wouldn’t have any of it and crashed (maybe video drivers?). I installed, uninstalled, fretted, watched videos, tried suggestions, and nothing worked. Oh well, I give up on “Steam”. My next plans … I’m thinking video editing, screen capture, and webcam software. Who knows, maybe you will see me in my future living with Linux posts?


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