Free ebook: Atheism & The Spiritual Atheist

Atheism & The Spiritual Atheist id free on Amazon until March 1st … give it a try.

Atheism & The Spiritual Atheist: Personal & Spiritual Growth In An Age Of Skeptics (Spirituality, Meditation, Life Choices Book 5)

While atheism often points out the hypocrisies and faults of religious belief atheists desire a sense of integrity, honesty and wholeness just as much as anyone else. The atheist view of the world allows for an open mind, questioning and debate, but often excludes discussions on spirituality as a valid human expression of integrity or personal maturity. Atheism And The Spiritual Atheist is an exploration of what being spiritual is really all about.

If you already identify as an atheist you know a rejection of religious beliefs in does not change your core values of honesty, truthfulness, compassion, moral and ethical behaviour and personal integrity. Yet as atheists we often reject the notion that ‘spirituality’ is something we should explore or embrace. At the same time we have a yearning in our hearts and a mindful awareness for compassion in our society and a desire to do good, be good and effectively help others.

Atheism And The Spiritual Atheist is an exploration of what it means to be atheist and spiritual. If you question how to bring true value to your own life with a sense of spirituality, integrity and to live a life that is wholesome, compassionate, honest and dignified read Atheism And The Spiritual Atheist. Atheists in America have a particularly difficult social stigma to being atheist. Yet there is no reason atheism should not be seen and appreciated as valid an expression of compassion and integrity as any religious faith. Learn how to incorporate spirituality into your own life while maintaining a unique view of the world, your fellow citizens and those less fortunate than you.

This book is like an atheism for dummies or atheist manifesto without the arguments against religion or the divine. Perhaps just as much a spirituality for dummies or spiritual awakening book it explores the simple truths both the religious and the atheist often neglect or forget.


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