Setting a Scene with all the Senses: a Steampunk Perspective

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A Steampunk Setting A Steampunk Setting

As you may have heard me mention, I am not the world’s best scene setter. I tend to focus more on the characters, the dialogue, and the plot. This is a bad fault, because I’m certain my readers want to be transported to exotic locations … and they need some hint of what the setting is like. So, as an exercise for me (which you can freely copy), let’s pick a setting out of my Steampunk Work-in-Progress and study it in minute detail.

Let us look at the (please insert a drumroll here) Inside Alice’s laboratory/greenhouse!

Victorian Greenhouse Victorian Greenhouse

Just a quick bit of background: in 1851, the Crystal Palace  – the site of the Great Exhibition, revolutionised the use of glass in construction. My novel is set 1871, and Alice has several greenhouses built from glass (and a conservatory). As her field of science is Botany, she uses…

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