As many of you know, the movie “Mortdecai” starring Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow will hit the theaters soon. The movie is loosely based on Kyril Bonfiglioli’s book “Don’t Point That Thing at Me”.

The deliciously nasty, highly entertaining, comic masterpiece of a thriller-a cult favorite of Stephen Fry and Julian Barnes. A cult classic in the UK since its first publication there in the 1970s, Don’t Point that Thing at Me is the hilarious and dark humored crime thriller featuring the Honorable Charlie Mortdecai: degenerate aristocrat, amoral art dealer, seasoned epicurean, unwilling assassin, and general knave-about-Piccadilly. With his thuggish manservant Jock, Mortdecai endures all manner of nastiness involving secret police, angry foreign governments, stolen paintings, and dead clients, all just to make a dishonest living—while decked out in the most stylish garb and drinking the most bizarre alcoholic cocktails. Don’t miss the brilliant mixture of comedy, crime, and suspense.

Of course, the best part of reading the book is that  look you give your companion when you say that the book was better than the movie. Oh yeah, they just hate that  look….