Mystery monday: Death on the Nile

Like many of you, I was introduced to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot at a very early age. While I was a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I couldn’t help but find certain mystery detectives intriguing and Christie’s detectives were the best.


Fortunately, I stumbled across Poirot, played by David Suchet, on Netflix this week and spent an afternoon binge-watching the series. While I remembered the story of “Death on the Nile” and remembered the solution, I couldn’t help but find myself caught up in the mystery with the excellent acting, costumes, and scenery. By the way, most of the movie/episode was shot in Egypt.

A bitter and heartbroken Jacqueline De Bellefort (Emma Griffiths Malin) stalks her ex-fiancé, Simon Doyle (JJ Feild) and his new wife Linnet Ridgeway (Emily Blunt), on their honeymoon to Egypt. It is no mystery what is going to happen. Through in the usual suspects that one finds in an Agatha Christie mystery add alcohol, guns, sex, and revenge, add a twist — voila — a marvelous mystery in an exotic locale.

If you are looking for a fun period mystery, I think anything from Suchet’s Poirot series should do the trick. However, if you want something special try “Death on the Nile”.

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