Some thoughts about Fandom

I was lucky enough to have a sister as quirky as I. She and I attended Trek conventions together. That being said, I wish some of the males would behave more like gentlemen. Trust me fellas — it doesn’t hurt.

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Let’s start with a true story:

As a child, teenager and in my early adult life, I had plenty of lovely friends, but I was always just a little bit lonely. This was because my so-called ‘tribe’ rejected me on a regular basis. I read comics, loved to read in the ‘hard’ Science Fiction genre, loved to watch Science Fiction movies and television shows, and was what would be recognised today as a fangirl. And yet, I couldn’t find other people who accepted me for that side of my nature. I went to a comic con in Brisbane back in the 1980s, and found it a very negative experience because the boys (and they were certainly too rude to be called men); those boys kept ‘calling me out’ as not being a true fan. None of the women I knew were into Doctor Who and Star Trek and Star Wars to the…

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