Weekly wrap-up 12/06

While I haven’t posted anything on Gnostalgia this week, I have posted pics, news, and re-posts (from Gnostalgia) of a couple of steampunk book reviews on my Attention Earthlings blog.

I’ve pulled much of the Christmas decorations from the attic with a few boxes to go. I’ve decided (could change my mind) not to put up a tree this year. Of course my Mickey Mouse clock decorations have to go up (I think in the Living-room bookcase). I also re-discovered my Avon bottle collection. I decided to put the bottles on my bookshelves — it just seemed wrong to store them in the attic. I’ll take a picture of them after the holidays.


Looks like the door need paint *wink* It’s amazing how I can find so much stuff that needs to be done.

Peppy has learned to avoid the camera like the plague. I’ll try to get a picture of him this Christmas holiday.


Archeage gets my pick for a free-to-play. I have a cat-person named (you guessed it) Gnostalgia. I’m level 10 and having a blast so far. I’ll include a picture soon.


Bought: “Pretty Girls Don’t Make Graves” and “Fallen Out”.

CROW winners for 2014 — soon


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