Day of the Mummy

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Yeah, it looks like a cheesy B-movie. Having said that, I love cheesy B-movies. You should see the fear in the eyes of friends and family when I pick up the remote control. That look is usually followed by a warning of “none of your weird B-movies.”

Day of the Mummy
… a cross between video game first-person-shooter and a movie?







One response to “Day of the Mummy”

  1. Muffin Hutchinson Avatar

    Hmmm….don’t know if it would qualify as a true turkey. The mummy looks pretty good. This should be interesting.

    Just a note: The relatively recent movie film with Brendan Fraser bothered me in one respect: it made Imhotep out to be a bad guy. In actuality, he was an extremely intelligent and talented man. I thought it was kind of disrespectful to portray him the way they did.

    I love movies about mummies. Guess this is a “wait and see” one. I’m always game for anything about Ancient Egypt and stupid archaeologists!

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