New steampunk title: New Light Rising

New Light Rising (The Line of Kavanagh Book 1)

by M. N. Henschen

Unlike the princess she’d hoped to be when she was chosen as the next ruler of Ardara, Andolyn Grace McNeil has been on the run from her prince for more than a year. Her nation is in utter ruin, and she carries a knowledge that could push Ardarapush Ardara to the brink of civil war. Walking the edge of a blade, she runs into a unique duo of wanderers: Barden, a lovable poet and musician, and Spade, a roguish thief and
magician. Through the two of them, Andolyn will find help from the most unexpected people, hope in the most unlikely places, and strength where she never expected to see it: in
herself. Through a journey of self discovery, Andolyn reminds Ardara’s people that life can be better than it is. She shows them that they are strong enough to take back what has been stolen from them. She reminds them of the Line of Kavanagh.


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