Freebie: Boy Mercury – An Antebellum Adventure

Boy Mercury – An Antebellum Adventure: Episode One: The Welding

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A brilliant and heroic Confederate general lies on his deathbed, mortally wounded.
A young man with a special talent: his tears can bind machines to the human body.
A doctor whose career hinges on saving the general’s life.
A nurse with devious plans of her own.
And a ruthless officer whose blind ambition can make his the most powerful man in the country–and destroy all of their lives.

So begins the first episode of Boy Mercury, An Antebellum Adventure. Set in an alternate history where Stonewall Jackson survives and the South wins the Battle of Gettysburg, Boy Mercury is the rollicking adventures of Amboy “Boy” Babbage and the Resistance–led by an enchanting spy, a fiery aeronautrix, and a charismatic leader willing sacrifice anything–as they rise against the mechanized forces of the New Confederacy and its cyborg general, Stonewall Jackson, in a battle not only for their lives, but the freedom of all people.


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