Masonic Robin Hood?

“Rise and rise again until the lambs become lions”
Robin Hood’s sword

Perhaps it is just me, but I seem to see a lot of Freemason allusions in Robin Hood. First, let’s look at Ridley Scott’s epic adventure film Robin Hood (2010).

In this version of Robin Hood, our hero is the son of a stone mason. He is a traveling widow’s son with a secret word (lost secret?) We see a lot of Templar references and some DeMolay allusions when Robin teaches young orphan boys. While this may be a weak case for a Masonic Robin Hood, take a look at this TV series “The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Mark”

Walter of Norbury initiates Robin hood with his version of the five points of fellowship:
Walter: “I’ll make you a speculative mason.”
Robin: “A speculative mason?”
Walter: “Yes. Many eminent men from architecture and art study with us and when we don’t want to give away our trade secrets to outsiders we make them masons, masons of the mind. We call them speculative masons. Robin, come with me.”
Walter: “First, put your foot to mine, your knee to mine, your hand to mine, your hand upon my back.” Robin follows Walter’s instructions and then Walter intones: “There’s marrow in these bones.”
Stepping back, Walter then tells Robin, “Now you can freely enter any mason’s lodge. Welcome, brother.”

Masonic? You decide…


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