Wildstar Online MMO …. my thoughts

Wildstar is a sci-fi MMORPG game due out in June of this year. It is developed by Carbine Studios (Everquest) and published by NCSOFT (the people who gave us Guild Wars).


I had some video, but sadly it didn’t come out. That may be a good thing because the game is glitchy on my old Windows 7 system (though I am way above the minimum requirements). I think that a higher-end computer should run this game just fine. I may need to upgrade my system if I want to play newer games. That being said, I needed a little gaming advice (thanks Willy) with the basics to get started with this game. I didn’t pick it up as easily as I did Rift and others.

I liked the cartoon characters, animation, and story-line. How can you not love my warrior hamster named Shenanigan?  Many people will compare this game to WOW and for good reason. I guess that the real question is —will Wildstar be worth it’s $20.00 a month subscription fee? For me … no.

I had problems with NCSOFT in the past. I felt burned, and still do on a certain level, after they froze my Guild Wars account. Once burned twice shy

Yes NCSoft I owned the DAMN games.  I am still angry that you all but called me a thief!
Yes NCSoft I owned the DAMN games. I am still angry that you all but called me a thief!

While NCSOFT my be a fair company with good products, there are far too many excellent free-to-play MMOs on the internet and I struggle with the idea of spending $240 bucks a year on their game. Simply put, I liked the game, but I feel that it’s not worth the price …


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