Penny Dreadful

I really enjoyed the first episode of Showtimes’ Penny Dreadful (link).  The show is part NBC’s Dracula and part BBC/Amazon Ripper Street. I should warn you that Penny Dreadful is for a mature audience. There are several gruesome scenes and some brief male nudity.

penny-dreadful-sir-malcolmHaving said that, I enjoyed every creepy moment of it. In the first episode, we are introduced to some of the main characters. Timothy Dalton is superb as the enigmatic Sir Malcolm, an explorer with a mysterious past.  I almost fell out of my chair when Frankenstein introduced himself.  Dorian Grey, and Dr. Victor Frankenstein in a post(?) Jack the Ripper-era London … I’m in. This is dark Victorian fantasy/horror/steampunk at it’s best.

Watch the full first episode here …

Let me know what you think…



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