Wildstar beta weekend

This may have been a bad idea, but I am downloading the beta for Wildstar. Sadly, my internet connection/speed is so poor that I wonder if I am able to download Wildstar before the beta weekend is over — thanks for nothing AT&T.

Wildstar (http://www.wildstar-online.com/en/) is an MMO produced by NCSoft. You may remember the name NCSoft from such game titles as GuildWars. GuildWars was one of my all-time favorite games until a service tech all but called me a thief. Come on people, what thief would give you his name,  address, and credit card number??? All because my sister registered the game (as part of a computer package for my birthday) and didn’t use her real age…

At any rate, I decided to never play another NCSoft game, until now, and I wonder if this is a big mistake?  I guess I’ll know soon enough.

Yes NCSoft I owned the games.
Yes NCSoft I owned the games.

Everything is crying out that this will be an unmitigated disaster; internet speed, horrible previous experience, and a game in beta. I’ll let you know what happens.


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