Is Modern Day Ghost Hunting & Investigating Disrespectful?

Alex Matsuo asks a very important question.

Association of Paranormal Study

Photo on 2013-01-19 at 09.17 Written by Alex Matsuo

This perhaps may be an armchair critic rant, but given the amount of teams I’ve been working with in terms of consulting for them or doing classes and I’ve been noticing a trend. Now, this is merely an observation that I would honestly love to get input on for anyone who wants to pitch in their .02.

As an investigator and researcher, I’ve always felt as though client work is a form of conflict mediation, which usually results in miscommunication. But I feel like many ghost hunters, teams, etc. automatically pin the presence as the enemy or “the other”. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about that. In most of the cases I’ve worked, the presence has been a deceased human being, and usually the phenomenon is a response to the client’s actions or behavior. Not saying that one or the other is wrong, but…

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