Week in review


barry031514I can’t seem to have normal days. The first odd event was when a very intoxicated woman rang the doorbell and asked if my car, an old BERETTA, was for sale. Not only did she seem to have difficulty standing, but she seemed unable to understand the phrase “not for sale”. She just stumbled around the yard arguing with me about selling the car. Peppy nearly lost his mind.

After the crazy lady encounter, I thought that it might be wise to cover the car. Sadly, my car cover was a little tattered and an overnight storm ripped it to shreds. That wasn’t the only property damage this week.

On returning from a trip to the College, I noticed that someone had shot a BB through my front window of the house.


I captured some video of City of Steam: Arcadia. I plan to try this steampunk rpg a few more times. As you might expect from my week, the game wasn’t working during my video capture and it rendered dark when uploaded to Youtube. I hope to tweak it sometime this weekend and link it Tuesday.

Speaking of steampunk games, I was accepted to test the alpha of Black Gold Online. The alpha testing starts next week and I’ll let you know what I think of the game.


This week I reviewed Air Raid Nights and Radio Days and I read The Power of Angels: Discover How to Connect, Communicate, and Heal With the Angels. I have decided not to review The Power of Angels because my review comes off sounding cruel. I just didn’t like the tone of my own review.

I’ve received plenty of book review requests. Unfortunately, I can’t accept most of the books nor can I review all of the unsolicited books mailed to me.


I didn’t watch anything on TV but I did enjoy Jim Heater’s Paranormal Geeks Radio on Tuesday night. I hope to catch Svenghoolie tonight.


My Klout is at 46 (highest 55). Youtube 428 subscribers. The numbers have started in the right direction.

I guess that all for this week …. have a great weekend everyone.


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    1. I’m a townie … just a couple of miles away from the FSU branch campus, Gulf Coast State College, and the beach. I didn’t see a car. I got sick of talking to her and left her pacing my front yard. Spring Break is still young, a few years ago I found a pair of Hanes Her Way panties in the front yard. lol

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