TGIF: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes is ‘Unstoppable’


2 thoughts on “TGIF: Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes is ‘Unstoppable’

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  1. This is my favorite clip on YouTube (so far).

    Barry-did you get my message to you on Facebook. Please let me know as you MUST see this ridiculous article that listed the five greatest actors who portrayed Sherlock and didn’t include Jeremy. The fans’ reactions are overwhelming (including mine, which questioned if the author had ever read a single story), as are the over 1,000 posts on the Arthur Conan Doyle’s Facebook page. Jeremy was Sherlock!

  2. Yes, I read the article that you posted. The man prefers a flawed, and almost comedic, version of Holmes. Between you and me, I doubt that he has ever read any Doyle. Having said that, there is a Russian version of Sherlock Holmes played by Vasily Livanov in the early 80’s that was good — though dubbed (obviously) and slightly comedic. Of course, language and cultural differences throw the show off a little for my western taste.
    Maybe I should do my own top 5 *wink*…

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