The week in review

On the personal level:

I’ve been under the weather, but I am getting much better.
I had to apologize for a typo in an email that sounded rude. Of course, that email was sent to a PR person for a book publisher *geez*.
The man-cave is taking shape, and Willy is thrilled with the progress. I have many of my old gaming systems plugged into a TV. Eventually, it will become a media room/library with plants, geeky posters, and more geeky stuff.


Peppy is as usual. Today, I was editing a video review while the house was quiet. Peppy and I heard a strange rattle noise. Peppy growled, got up, and settled himself under my chair. Heart of a lion — that one.


Two reviews this week “The Future is Yours” and “William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back”. How’s that for diverse reading?

Sponsored post:

I wrote my first sponsored post for Grammarly. I felt a little uncomfortable about it because I don’t use the Grammarly service. I decided to talk a little about Grammarly Lite because it is something I’ve used and it’s free *wink*. What can I say? It’s capitalism.


I enjoyed Jim Heater’s Paranormal Geeks Radio, and Agents of Shield last Tuesday.

My Klout is at 45 (highest 55). Youtube 343 subscribers.

That’s all for this week … have a great weekend everyone.


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