TGIF: Sherlock Holmes – Womanizer

Sherlock Holmes – Womanizer lol


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  1. This is Brett at his best. His illness had not yet progressed and he was very energetic and pulled off the manic side of Holmes like no other. It is just the very last season that is depressing to me. It was obvious he was ill and his body bloated, which was skillfully hidden by his clothes. I felt that he was pushed into doing the final episodes and his health suffered for it.

    I tried to watch the new series but found much of it disturbing besides, as you know, Cumberpatch is far from my favorite choice for Holmes. Tried to watch the finale, but when Watson walks in and a woman comes out of Holmes bedroom dressed only in one of his big shirts, I switched the dial. Conan Doyle would have been appalled, although of course this series was geared towards introducing and pulling in a younger, hipper class of viewers. I’m too much a stickler for authenticity, I’m afraid.

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