Gadget Monday: Belkin Chambray Cover

kindle fire121213

For this gadget Monday, I thought that I would talk about the Belkin Chambray Covers. The owner of the first Kindle Fire, that I got my hands on, had purchased this cover for her ereader.

The cover fits snugly and provides additional protection to the ereader. Having said that, I have seen an ereader dropped from 10 ft. to a concrete floor with only a few scratches (I don’t recommend doing that —lol).

I suppose that the feature that impressed me the most was the built-in adjustable ereader stand. I really like having the ability to place the ereader on a desk or end-table and read.

All in all, I like the Belkin covers and give them a thumbs up. (Yes, those are my greasy fingerprints in the picture — BTW read Gnostalgia on your Kindle).

Belkin Chambray Cover for Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″ (will only fit Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″), Blacktop


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