Review: ORGANIZE!: The Secrets to a Spotless Life

ORGANIZE!: The Secrets to a Spotless Life
by Ben Night

File Size: 1012 KB
Print Length: 54 pages
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Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
ASIN: B00I864TA0

Barry’s score 2 out of 5 stars

My thoughts:

Ben Night is a proponent of minimalism and this diminutive book, at a whopping 54 pages, is a pretty solid example of that philosophy. Just between you and me the 54 page number seems a little inflated.

Basically, ORGANIZE!: The Secrets to a Spotless Life is clustered with a handful of common-sense approaches to organization. If Night had stayed with organization tips the book may have been worth the time, sadly he wandered briefly into diet, meditation, and other topics.

I really didn’t find it helpful. The book is simply to vague to be helpful. I felt like the woman in the burger commercial “where’s the beef”?  Where’s the secrets? I’ve learned more about organization by surfing Pinterest. Even at a modest 2 bucks, I can’t recommend this ebook. I give “ORGANIZATION!: The Secrets to a Spotless Life” a disappointing 2 stars out of 5.

Product description:

Our time is dominated by different types of stimuli all vying for our attention. This leads to a cluttered and stress-filled life. As technology advances, we find ourselves continually distracted by the internet, text messages, and work life. This leads to very little downtown or relaxation, which is just one reason why many people feel stress and anxiety each day. Living in a world full of clutter–whether it’s your home, life, or relationships–can cause you to lose focus on what matters most in your life.

This book will cover:
Organizing tips and tricks
Minimalist Philosophy
The two types of negative stimulation
Stress reduction through organization
and much, much, more!

This book looks to change the growing problem of cluttered lives, and allow you to slowly declutter and focus on what matters most to you. We will provide a step-by-step guide to help you reduce and remove clutter in three main areas: Your home, your life, and in your relationships. By focusing on these three areas, you will be able to actively remove stress and anxiety whiling focusing on the true value in these three areas. By using tried and true methods, along with minimalist philosophies, we will show you how to reduce your stress load and begin to unclutter your life one step at a time. So take the first step today towards a positive and healthy minimalist lifestyle. Join the crowd and download now!


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