Zak buys a demonic house

zak-eyes-1Just when you thought paranormal news couldn’t get any stranger, Zak Bagans buys what he believes to be a demon possessed house.  Is it just me or does anyone else expect to see this house used in Ghost Adventures?

The basement of this house has been described as a ‘portal to hell’ filled with demons who tormented and possessed a mother and her three young children.

During the ordeal back in 2012 the walls of the house allegedly bled clear oil which ‘froze’ the finger of a social worker who touched it, and ghostly voices were recorded when police went to investigate.

So it may be surprising to learn that the property in Gary, Indiana, has now been bought for $35,000. It will be less surprising to learn that the new owner is ‘ghost hunter’ Zak Bagans.

I wonder how the neighbors feel about the scary thing next door — not the alleged demon — but Zak Bagans.



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