Ghost Hunter’s Michelle Tate leaves show

Another one bites the dust.

I guess that it will be some time before we learn of the real reason Michelle Tate left the Ghost Hunters show. On the one hand, I am glad that GH is mentioning a team members departure from the show rather than noticing that someone has simply disappeared.

7 thoughts on “Ghost Hunter’s Michelle Tate leaves show

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks Susie! I had missed that part where she said that. I was catching up on my DVR’d shows and saw she was leaving…wondered why. Thanks again! :-)

  1. cooksad

    It sucks that she left. She was one of the major reasons I started watching the show more often. I don’t think I missed an episode when she joined. She’s just to cute. :)

  2. Why can’t they keep people? Is it difficult to work for Jason and the boys? I did have a friend , who stated that Steve was very rude to him. I like the show. I hope they are not really buttheads.

  3. who knows! maybe she was fed up with the cast or jason was too much of an arogent ass or she then thought i could be doing better things with my life then giving these get their rateings and whatnot or an officer?,…..m a y b e ? cute yes!…vocal yes! but the truth? who knows?

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