Friday freebie: Ruby Celeste and the Ghost Armada

10 Jan

I just bought the ebook at Amazon (a freebie) grab it while you can before Amazon changes it’s price.

Prepare to enter a dangerous place—the world of sky pirates!

After arriving at The Pharmacologist’s Eden, a grand floating port run by the cut-throat Rhod Stein, Ruby Celeste discovers the deckhand she arranged to purchase has been sold out from under her and replaced with a man kidnapped from the world’s surface. So after dispatching his guarding henchmen, she snatches him and then flees—but not before blowing a gaping hole in the SkyPort.

But unbeknownst to Ruby, Stein survives the blast. And along with the assassins now hot on her tail, she has other problems to contend with: the frail man she kidnapped and his newfound place on her ship, a pervasive series of dangerous electrical malfunctions—and what about the diary she finds on a derelict ship? Are its pages filled with the deranged words of a madman—or does it really hold the key to finding the mysterious Ghost Armada?

Sky pirates? Sounds like a good pulpy read…


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2 responses to “Friday freebie: Ruby Celeste and the Ghost Armada

  1. Deborah Anne Hart

    January 10, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    Yes, it does sound like a good one! Going to get my copy now!


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