Review: Shutterfly

I am always looking for ways to review products and services without breaking my budget. So when Coca-cola offered a $20.00 credit for Shutterfly, I jumped on it. Sadly, my experience with Shutterfly was not a good one.

I tried my credit code from Coke and it worked perfectly. Within minutes I was digging through Shutterfly’s catalog with a 20 buck credit burning a hole in my virtual pocket and humming Christmas  carols. I picked out a small sample of Christmas cards as a test and made my purchase. Applying my credit, the total came up to $0.00. I was thrilled.

thumbs_downAfter the holidays, I received a bill for the purchase. I contacted Shutterfly inquiring about the billing and they replied “Coke Rewards code is for $20 off a card order of $20 or more.”  If I missed the small print — I missed the small print — but shouldn’t I have been notified that cost of my purchase was changed from $0.00 and been given an opportunity to change, alter, or decline the purchase? I would have gladly increased my order and saved money.

Will I use the company again? No, I really don’t feel like I can trust Shutterfly. *Thumbs down*


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