More steam less punk


I enjoyed reading Bill Willingham’s interview at Bleeding Cool. Willingham’s thoughts on the name steampunk brought a smile to my face.

English: Steampunk image of author G. D. Falks...
English: Steampunk image of author G. D. Falksen Français : Photo de l’auteur G. D. Falksen habillé en style Steampunk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tony: Is this your first time working in the steampunk genre?

Bill: Yes. It’s a genre I avoided before, for no better reason than I like everything about it except its name, which was started as a joke, but then stuck. The things I like about steampunk have nothing to do with the qualities of a punk. These are the worlds of HG Wells and Jules Verne. They didn’t write punks. They wrote of gentlemen adventurers, men and women of dignity tempered with grit and bold action. Punks perfectly fit the cyberpunk sub-genre, because cocky punks is exactly who they were, and which is exactly why I never warmed up to it. A better name for this sub-genre would be steampulp, but I suspect the ship has already sailed on that possibility.

Author: Barry

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