Free ebook: Maitre’d to the Damned

Check out this freebie at Amazon. As with any freebie at Amazon, the price may change without notice. Take a moment to insure that the price is still $0.00 before making your purchase.

Maitre’d to the Damned

What happens when an urban couple runs afoul of a Gothic gang led by a 500-year old lawyer? Will the desperate cunning of a Gulf War veteran, his wife, and drinking buddies prove up to the struggle? What happens to the odds when a corrupt pharmaceutical company, and a secret paranormal government conspiracy are added to the mix? Will Ed and Ann end up on top – or drained corpses six feet under? Maitre’d to the Damned is a serious old-school vampire novel where the hero isn’t the one with fangs.

Author: Barry

A knight is sworn to valor.

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